Galaxy Trader

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Travel the galaxy on your search for fortune as a space trader. Galaxy Trader is an online parts trading game. You have borrowed 5,000 credits from General Vokk to start you off. You have 30 days to make as much money as you can buying and selling parts.


Click on the price to buy stock, and click on the quantity to sell stock. Once you have finished buying and selling in a particular solar system, choose a different solar system to travel to. Travelling will take up 1 day.

General Vokk is in Alpha Centauri, and you can pay off your debt with him when you are in this solar system (funds allowing!). Be careful though as he charges you daily interest!

You can put money into your savings bank account when you are at Tau Ceti, you will get daily interest on any amount in your account.

If you require more space to carry more items, visit the Kruger 60 solar system to buy a cargopod, this will give you an extra 25 space for 30,000 credits.

Best Players Of The Week
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All Time Best
1LordKledji153,463,354,804 credits
2ManiacMonkey93,132,282,946 credits
3LordKledji sucks37,776,425,693 credits
4LordKledji36,323,101,614 credits
5Bobby32,527,502,667 credits
6LordKledji28,765,108,658 credits
7LordKledji24,565,361,314 credits
8spinneeter219,245,424,253 credits
9Wayne19,003,995,703 credits
10Bobby18,975,112,679 credits
11LordKledji18,578,453,903 credits
12LordKledji18,422,093,427 credits
13Ashley14,462,207,799 credits
14ManiacMonkey13,237,131,565 credits
15ManiacMonkey6,958,820,909 credits